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We are located in Farmersville, Texas. We do not deliver. We accept cash only (and paypal for hold/reserve deposits if applicable) We do not hold any sheep without a deposit.  Please be ready and able to pick up your reserved sheep within 10 days.

All lambs are registerable with the Painted Desert Sheep Society and come with paperwork for registry. All lambs at weaning age and older will be vaccinated with two rounds of CDT and will be wormed before leaving.  All adults are registered and will come with their paperwork, are current on CDT vaccinations and will be wormed before leaving if needed.

Email  for more info, to reserve a sheep, or to be put on a notification list for future available lambs and adults.



GGF Tombstone's Calamity Jane N-6449

(GSR) Cascabel's Tombstone and GGF Helena

Date Lambed February 2, 2022, Elf ear, white with minimal black
Gold Star Rams in Calamity's lineageTD-1 Pavlock Farms Ammo
F-166 JJ's Desert Dakota
F-1311 Sycamore Springs Ramulus
F-2136 Cascabel's Tombstone
F-2231 Alvizo Ranch Longfellow

Recognition of Merit Ewe
F-1822 Alvizo Ranch Moondancer



GGF SH Selene P-5837

Circle6g's Stormin Hyperion and GGF Helena 

Lambed April 18, 2021, elf ear, black and white

Gold Star Rams in Selene's lineage

TD-1 Pavlock Farms AmmoF-166 JJ's Desert DakotaF-1311 Sycamore Springs RamulusF-1421 Pavlock Farms JuniorF-1806 Pavlock Farms Nuclear JuniorF-2231 Alvizo Ranch LongfellowF-2232 JJ's Desert Black NightF-2255 Ascott's Storming RomeoF-2274 Pavlock Farms Arrow J Why OneF-2872 JJ's Desert Arrow J's Heartbreaker
F-2992 JJ's Desert Double Wide
F-3607 JJ's Desert Double Star Night

Recognition of Merit Ewe

F-1569 Alvizo Ranch Lakota StormF-1822 Alvizo Ranch Moondancer
F-2228 JJ's Desert Serenity