Our flock sires, we give each ram a few girls so we always have a range of genetics available in our lambs


Rockbell Issac's Molotov

Sired by "Isaac" (a 45" Corsican), dam is W#21 Little Britches, a Corsican Ewe

Lambed February 1, 2022

Gold Star Certification coming soon!!! Molotov measured 96" on January 1, 2024 at the age of a year and 11 months. 

THSOA Corsican Molotov  is sired by the exceptional Corsican ram "Isaac" who measures 45" lengths on his horns. We are breeding Molotov with our paint ewes to add even bigger genetic horn size to our lines of painted deserts.

Because Molotov will be registered with the PDSS' sister registry, the THSOA, both his ram and ewe lambs will be eligible for registration with the PDSS (as long as they are born with some white which will classify them as "painted") We are very excited to add Molotov's genetics to our flock!!!

Molotov is being given 10 ewes for May/June 2024 lambs!!

Rockbell Titania EE

Rockbell Edelweiss EE

GGF Strawberry Shortcake

Raindance Ranch  Tiramisu EE

Rusty Rail Quincy GE

Rockbell Ida Claire EE

Raindance Ranch Maybelline GE

Randance Ranch Foxxy Cleopatra EE

Raindance Ranch Gold Nugget EE

Rocking Lil Biddy's Khaleesi EE

Molotov's sire "Isaac" below

GSR Jupiter

Rockbell Storming Jupiter P-7118

GSR Circle6g's Stormin Cronus and Rocking Lil Biddy's Night Galaxy's Lovebug

Lambed December 14, 2021, RED, chocolate, mahogany, white and black. Jupiter has the rare color red and has successfully passed it on to his lambs. Our second Gold Star Ram raised here, his GSR status was obtained at the young and exceptional age of 1 year and 11 months old with a measurement of 94 3/8"

Gold Star Rams in Jupiter's lineage

TD-1 Pavlock Farms AmmoF-166 JJ's Desert DakotaF-1311 Sycamore Springs RamulusF-1421 Pavlock Farms Junior F-1806 Pavlock Farms Nuclear Jr F-2017 Bentley's Tank F-2090 Alvizo Ranch Apollo Diablo F-2232 JJ's Desert Black NightF-2255 Ascott's Storming RomeoF-2366 Pavlock Farms JaxF-2870 Ascott's El Diablo Bla'ncoF-3021 JJ's Desert DynoF-3546 Rene's Farm's El Chavo  F-3748 Rocking Lil Biddy's Roco F-4671 Neely's Midnight GalaxyP-5368 Circle6g's Stormin Cronus
Recognition of Merit EweF-1569 Alvizo Ranch Lakota Storm
F-2228 JJ's Desert Serenity
F-3237 Ascott's Diablo Maria Coco
F-4149 Pavlock Farms Annie

Every ram on Jupiter's paper pedigree is a GSR plus many beyond what is shown. He also has two ROM's shown 


Raindance Ranch Ace High P-6239

Rusty Rail High Caliber and Rusty Rail Nevada

Lambed April 2, 2021, white, chocolate and black. Elf Ears. Ace obtained his GSR status at 2 years and 3 months old with a measurement of 95".  Ace was brought here from California, his specific elf ear genetics are not common in Texas and we hope to expand the gene pool for elves and gophers in the area. We have many of his elf and gopher daughters and relatives work on this goal with as well!!!

Gold Star Rams in Ace's lineageTD-1 Pavlock Farms AmmoF-166 JJ's Desert DakotaF-1311 Sycamore Springs RamulusF-1421 Pavlock Farms JuniorF-2231 Alvizo Ranch Longfellow
F-2366 Pavlock Farms Jax
F-3115 JJ's Desert Texas LonghornF-4637 Rusty Rail Aught Six

Recognition of Merit EweF-1822 Alvizo Ranch Moon Dancer
F-2740 JJ's Desert Spectacular Star

Ace is bred to 8 ewes for April/May 2024 lambsRockbell Natasha EERockbell Yelena EERockbell Yukina GERocking lil Biddys LovebugRockbell PyrrahPena's Farms LilyCircle6g's Storming StarfireRockbell Daenerys EE


Rockbell Skully P-7603

GSR Rocking Lil Biddy's Night's Galaxy Motley and Rockbell Ida Claire


Lambed March 3, 2023, black and white GOPHER EAR!!!

Our first gopher ear born at Rockbell!!! All his girls we are pairing him with have normal ears, but because Skully is a gopher, 100% of their lambs will have elf ears. 

Gold Star Rams in Skully's lineage
TD-1 Pavlock Farms Ammo
F-166 JJ's Desert Dakota
F-1311 Sycamore Springs RamulusF-1421 Pavlock Farms JuniorF-1806 Pavlock Farms Nuclear JuniorF-2231 Alvizo Ranch LongfellowF-2232 JJ's Desert Black NightF-2366 Pavlock Farms JaxF-3546 Rene's Farms El ChavoF-3896 Alvizo Ranch Corona X-Tra GoldF-4671 Neely's Midnight Galaxy F-4972 Rocking Lil Biddy's Night's Galaxy Motley
Recognition of Merit EweF-1822 Alvizo Ranch Moondancer
F-2228 JJ's Desert Serenity
F-2316 Alvizo Ranch Olivia

Skully is bred to four ewes for April 2024 elf ear lambs
Crazy W's HeartSerendipity's MystiqueLopez Painted Ranch MarshmallowRockbell Troublelina

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