Our working wethers. We try to have a few wethers in the flock for calming and companion purposes for the rams and ewes. If a sheep is sick, a friendly calm wether is a great companion to put in a pen next to them, or to accompany them on a trip in the trailer if needed. They have many other uses around the farm, and are also beautiful to look at

Ren (Wether)

GGF Renegade Warrior P-6330

Date lambed December 12, 2020

Our bottle baby wether, a total sweetie, he grew up in the house with the corgis and thinks he is a dog-sheep. He lives with the ewes and helps keep the whole flock calm. He loves to greet visitors and always hopes you brought him some cookies.

He has the bonus ability to alert us if there is a ewe in heat which is great for keeping track of who is cycling, and lets us know if a ewe did not get bred by a ram she was placed with previously.

Davey Jones

Rockbell Davey Jones

Lambed October 6, 2021

Davey is a companion to our adult rams, if we ever need to separate a ram he can be kept with them for company. A huge boy, he keeps up well with the intact rams and loves to bounce and play in the field. He is beautiful and a joy to watch. He is not overly friendly but is calm around us, which helps keep the rams calm as well when we are needing to work with them.