Past breeding ram for 2022


Gold Star Ram "Circle6g's Stormin Cronus" P-5368

GSR Ascott's Storming Romeo and ROM Pavlock Farm Annie

Cronus sired the lambs that were born here from Fall 2021 through Summer 2022.

Cronus was one of only 4 sheep in the PDSS registry with red coloring at the time of his purchase as our breeding ram in 2021. His father produces doberman colored lambs as well.

Date lambed January 7, 2019, White with Red, Roan, Fawn and Black with ticking. Normal ears.

Gold Star Rams in Cronus's lineage

F-166 JJ's Desert DakotaF-1311 Sycamore Springs RamulusF-1421 Pavlock Farms Junior F-1806 Pavlock Farms Nuclear Jr F-2255 Ascott's Storming RomeoF-3021 JJ's Desert Dyno
Recognition of Merit EweF-1569 Alvizo Ranch Lakota StormF-4149 Pavlock Farms Annie